Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 15th Jan 2015-

    Students of IAMR has donated Rice, Pulses, Jiggery, Til, Clothes etc on pious day of Makar Sakranti with the helping hand of NGO- SHREYA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY. Students took the initiative of doing this noble cause for the wellbeing of the poor lives. When we reached the slum areas, children’s over there were so happy seeing us distributing the food material to them. They were calling more of their friends to collect the food items from us. It was quite satisfactory to help the poor lives struggling for their daily needs.

  • 1st Jan 2015

    Started New Year with extending help in rural areas.We went to Raj Nagar extension and near by areas where we had distributed the Food Material and items of their daily life. We took many photographs with the people gathered there for the coolection of material.

  • 17th Nov 2014

    A step towards lightening the Homes of those who cannot afford to celebrate Diwali.We the family of IAMR Group donated Candles, Diyas, and Crackers to poor people. Our students played the great role Raj Kumar Chaudhary , Shraddha Sharma took active participation in the donation.They collected all the material from the students and took the college van and went to the slum areas for the distribution along with the Prof. Akash Bharadwaj and Prof. Garima Tripathi.