Guest Speakers

Speakers Topic
Helen Millson,
CM.Phil. Sports Phys UCT; M.C.S.P, U.K
Proprioception/ Neuromuscular Control
Dr. Hemant Juneja,
Head of Department, Amarjyoti College of Physiotherapy
Taping Techniques
Dr. Shabnam Aggarwal,
Director Education in Nopany Institute of Health Sciences,
Thera Brand Training
Dr. S. S. Rau,
NIOH, Kolkata
Hemiplegic Rehabilitation
Prof. Uma Shankar Mohanty Peripheral Joint Mobilization
Dr. Maneesh Arora Neural Mobilization
Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal,
MPT (Cardiopulmonary), AIIMS
Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
Dr. S.S.Rau Cyriax Mobilization
Dr. Nilima Patel, Vadodara Neurorehabilitation
Dr. Maneesh Arora Soft Tissue Mobilization
Prof. Umasankar Mohanty Spinal Mobilization
Dr. Ali Irani, President IAP CME on Fitness Equation - Series 2
Prof. Mr. Umasanker Mohanty Manual Therapy for Peripheral Joints
Dr. Nilima Patel Comprehensive Approach in the Management of Low Back Ache
Dr. Nilima Patel and Dr. S.K.S. Marya Recent Advances in Replacement Surgeries and Yoga
Dr. Maneesh Arora Osteopath Approach in Spinal
Dr. Narkesh Osteopath approach in Peripheral Joints
Dr. Sarvanan Sivanithi Neuro Developmental Technique
Dr. Dhram Pani Pandey ,
HOD, B.L Kapoor , Delhi.
Vestibular Rehabilitation