Department of Physiotherapy- Introduction

IAMR- Journal of Physiotherapy (ISSN 2277-8101)  

Physiotherapists help and treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing.

In today’s world, everyone one’s lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary either due to the work load or due to lack of time for exercise. And because of this there is greater incidence of orthopedic problems in individuals. Sometimes these problems are due to job profile for example computer workers usually have a painful neck and back. So to relieve this along with medicines there is a need for correct exercise training and education about correct posture which can only be provided by a physiotherapist. Similarly problems like arthritis, muscle pain, back pain are some of the problems which can be rehabilitated only by a physiotherapist.


There are a number neurological diseases like stroke, cerebral palsy, diabetic neuropathy, parkinson’s disease which require long term rehabilitation. And physiotherapy plays a very important role in the rehabilitation. Similarly in acute care of cardiorespiratory patients, sports injury, surgical cases physiotherapy plays a important role.

Demand of Physios

  • WHO has recommended that requirement of 1 lac physiotherapist by 2020.
  • Health care- there would be 60 percent pre diabetic & 40 percent population would be suffering from OA.
  • UHC- 20 lac patients from stroke
  • According to these parameter India would be require one physiotherapist over 10,000 peoples