M.Sc. Microbiology



Microbiology is a very advanced and latest form of educational subject included in the education arena. The course includes study of various kinds of microorganism and their life cycle. The subject deals with the life and other metabolic activities of the microorganisms. Micro-organisms are almost found everywhere and they constitute by far the largest group of living things existing on earth. Our existence, health, food, agriculture and even industrial development are very much dependent on them. If microbes were to become extinct, disaster would become inevitable and would be beyond imagination. Unknowingly, man has made use of micro-organism since prehistoric times, mostly in the production of food and drinks, such as leavening of bread, souring of milk and making of wine and beer etc. However, it was only in the seventeenth century that the microbial world was discovered.


This course is intended as an introduction to the biology of microorganisms with applications to medicine, food science, industry, and agriculture.


Microbiology is a dynamic field which has grown rapidly both with regard to fundamental knowledge and its application to medicine, agriculture and industry. A great number of biotechnology companies, formed to exploit these advances, provide employment and suitable training. The course studies the diversity of microbial types, how microorganism can be used and manipulated to aid mankind and the detrimental effects of microorganisms. New companies devoted to genetic engineering offer microbiologist excellent career opportunities. Microbiologist are also in great demand in clinical microbiology.

Duration : 2 Years

Total Seats : 60

Eligibility : Graduation with biology with 50% marks.

Selection Procedure :

The admission to M.Sc. Microbiology will be on the basis of merit and entrance test.