Biotechnology is a frontline area of research and development with an overwhelming impact on man and society. It has a focus on basic research in modern biology and biotechnology including genomics (Bioinformatics) agriculture, plant and animal biotechnology agriculture, plant and animal biotechnology, medical biotechnology environment and biodiversity, biofuels products and process development leading to commercialization and application of bioproducts. In essentiality biotechnology can be recognized as the new scientific endeavour and is a powerful enabling technology that can revolutionize agriculture, health care, industrial processing and environmental sustainability.

Our goal at the department is to empower the students with the latest tools, techniques and awareness in biotechnology for facilitating comprehensive learning combining the scientific knowledge with technological and social aspects to become a meaningful human resource.

Research Activities

IAMR is devoted mainly to basic scientific investigations and research. The concept and technique of modern science have made it possible to focus much of its research at the cellular and molecular as well as in fermentation process in order to investigate the fundamental process of life. IAMR continues to be a pioneer in bringing diverse area together on common grounds and is unique in its commitment to interdisciplinary investigations.


Well formulated training programmes have been conducted and more are being organized during summer months. The objective of the program is to motivate students for research in Microbiology & Biotechnology. Another series of such course has organized on “The live demonstration of techniques in Biotechnology & Microbiology for the students from senior secondary schools of the NCR region. The response has been encouraging. The students and the faculty visiting have had hands-on-practice on some of the technologies in the field and were delighted and were deeply motivated to witness the demonstrations of experiments.


IAMR is planning to collaborate with National level research Laboratories in pursuit of knowledge and front line research activities and to impart to the students international level of training in interdisciplinary approach.


Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology has a setup of specialized laboratories (with all modern amenities) viz. Molecular Biology, Genetics, Recombinant DNA & Genomics Labs, Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Tissue Culture, Enzymology and proteonomics Lab, Bioinformatics and Data Analysis Lab. The Laboratories are equipped with all essential equipments viz- Autoclaves BOD incubators, High speed refrigerated centrifuges, deep freezers, high grade purity water producing units, laminar flows, high resolution microscopes (with documentation systems) Incubator Shakers, Fermentor, PCR Thermal Cycles, UV Visible Spectrophohometers, Tissue & Cell homogenisers, TransiIluminator with gel documentation system, Electrophoresis system, Colony counters etc., and many more high through-put-system are under procurement including RT-PCR Crosslinkers HPLC system hybridization ovens electroporators, gene gun, sequences lypholizers etc.